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Your BIFS History grade that will be reported on your progress reports and on your first and second semester report cards will be based on the ongoing assessment of your performance throughout the year. Your grade will be made up of a number of tasks all year long, but will be determined using the following formula, as explained in the Course Outline:

Participation = 10%
Homework = 30%
Subject Specific Assignments = 30%
Quizzes/Unit Tests/Final Examinations = 30%


For each of the criteria mentioned above, I will provide you with a rubric that will be used to determine your specific grade for that task. Please find the rubrics we will use below:

Participation Rubric:
You will be given a weekly or bi-weekly participation grade that will be based on the following rubric:

Homework Rubric:

Subject Specific Assignments (Source work Analysis, Essays)


If you ever have a question about your grade or want to see where you currently are standing overall, I use an online gradebook known as Engrade, which you have all been seen invitations to already. Engrade can be found at the following link and you can log in to your account there:

Engrade Gradebook